AHA! Friday is a collaborative open-house evening, blending the arts and history, with a marketplace boasting shops and restaurants. The soirée is designed to create the opportunity to experience the ambience in the heart of community – downtown. The adventure spans both State and Sycamore Streets.

Unveiling AHA! Friday 2007

AHA! Friday (arts, history, adventure) is dedicated to bringing together artists, the public, and businesses for a greater understanding, awareness, and promotion of the arts and the development of a strong and vital downtown cultural community.

For the second year, twelve Newtown artists, whose talents range from the fine arts, graphic arts, and photography, have come together to lend their imagination to AHA! Friday. These artists were once again invited to interpret an assigned theme from the monthly calendar along with creative license to express the theme in any style that reflects their personal vision.

Patty Lovi of Lovi Visual Designs reprises her role as chairperson of AHA! Friday. “Our poster guidelines remained flexible to promote the resourcefulness of this artistic community.” Although the poster remains 11”x17”, the artists were asked to confine the artwork to 11”x14”. Due to the popular demand for the AHA! posters, this minor change was implemented to accommodate standard framing. “Framing the AHA! poster has taken on a life of it’s own, so this diminutive alteration alleviates the need for customized framing,” continued Lovi.        

Out and About, remains an AHA! Friday partner. Each poster, along with the artist’s inspiration for his/her work, will appear in the publication. “Last year we profiled each artist, and since we have had such a great response from returning artists, highlighting the motivation for each piece will keep the articles fresh,” commented Chris Ortwein, Main Streets Manager.

Two new artists join the project. Allison Lucerne of Lucerne Illustration & Design has Toasting Newtown on November 2, 2007. The theme celebrates all that Newtown has to offer - charming specialty shops, boutiques, and dining to please any palette - set amid our stylistically diverse architecture along tree-lined streets.

Angelmark Associates will be represented by Alexandra Durbetaki and her rendition of Fire and Ice which debuts on January 5. A winter’s night stroll or fireside dinner, this is an evening for those drawn towards the ends of the spectrum. Fire and ice, warm reds and cool blues, ice carvings and chili, all taking place in the quite aftermath of the holiday season.

 Returning artists and the 2007 themes are as follows:

Marge Fishler of Out of the box -  February 2, Chocolate - An “indulgence of the culinary and visual arts.” It’s a chocolate “trick or treat” for grown-ups and offers “sweet deals”.

 Liz Battaglia of LB Design - March 2, Cool Winds - Cool Winds waiting for spring breezes. What will the wind blow in? Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Easter, Last Sales of Winter, Spring Preview, Gardener's Get Ready … catch Cool Winds at the close of day.

Wendy Lion of Lion’s Eye Design - April 6, Spring into Newtown - our shops and restaurants are “bloomin” with the promise of a fun evening.

 Adrienne DiGiovine, DiGiovine Design - May 4, Art Walk - Visit our Newtown Galleries and several additional venues which showcase artists ranging from fine arts to crafts, and featuring watercolor, jewelry, photography and hand blown glass.

 Richard Green, Photographer - June 1, Pride of Newtown – Come home to your town, my town, Newtown. 

Leigh Sheek Vogel of Turning Point Design and Marketing - July 6, Somewhere in Time - Somewhere in Time is a place to remember days gone by or plan for the days ahead. Enjoy the ambience of Newtown, which is a unique synthesis of traditional and contemporary.              

Shweda Marda, freelance designer, - August 3, Street Noise - hot fun in the summer time – and all that jazz. Come join the fun!                                   
Kathie Jankauskas, Kjan Studio - September 7, Peaceable Kingdom - Under the branches that sheltered Edward Hicks, AHA! Friday will turn its attention to Newtown’s well-known native son, painter of the “Peaceable Kingdom” with a gentle reminder where a lion may peacefully lie down with the lamb.              

Howard Geyer, Howard H Geyer Gallery - October 5, Fall into Newtown – Every autumn Newtown revels in the beauty of the fall colors. Enjoy our vivid tapestry of culture that addresses the longing for a time and place in small town American life.

Rosemary Tottoroto’s Unveiling poster will remain the signature piece for the holiday event on December 7.




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